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The most popular DBMS which are use in most applications known to the world. MySQL MySQL is a well known open source transactional relational database system with a large community. This DBMS is distribute in some complex solutions for web technologies for example LAMP Linux Apache HTTP Server MySQL PHP . MySQL is great for simple applications that do not impose specific requirements on the database for example for CMS Content Management System content management system . PostgreSQL This DBMS is a well known competitor and peer of MySQL among transactional relational databases. PostgreSQL has always been characterize by increase complexity and as a result a smaller community.

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However it is an excellent tool for storing and analyzing complex database structures. For example PostgreSQL is able to extract JSON data in a column and use it in a query. In addition the PostGIS plugin allows you to process cartographic data which allows you to store geodata in the database. The PostgreSQL DBMS is suitable for working with C Enterprise. Special versions of PostgreSQL are available in Selectel which allow you to use them B2B Email List as the main database for C. It is a good alternative to MS SQL server Microsoft product . Reis Reis is a non relational NoSQL database for storing structures in the form of an association list key value . This DBMS stores all data in RAM In Memory Storage which provides high spee data access. It is not uncommon to use Reis as a cache for an application. Reis allows you to store multiple values ​​for the same key arrange in FIFO First In First Out order.

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Thus Reis turns into a message broker. More about this NoSQL database → How to use Reis cloud databases → Why Reis is good for session storage Responsibilities of the Database as a service provider and clients Cloud databases are a manage service. This means that part of the responsibility for the operation of the databases is assume by the BM Leads service provider. This is one of the important advantages of DBaaS. However it is important to understand that this is not a complete outsourcing of tasks the client is still responsible for the operation of the database itself and its actions can cause it to work incorrectly. Consider what the provider takes on and what is in the department of the client. Most often the second concerns the internals of the database since the provider does not have access to the client’s data and the logic of building the database.

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