March 22, 2023
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Set Up The Consumption Of Resources

Many will agree that the first step in working with backups is to draw up a document that describes what nees to be done and how often where to store it and how to restore it. Often such a document is part of a companys Disaster Recovery Plan. Documentation is neee not only in order not to forget anything but also to choose the most rational way to remove and store backups. So it will be possible to find a balance between the efficient use of funds and the reliability of the solution. After all not every system is suitable for a daily full backup.

The Frequency Of Copies

Here is what a Selectel client who deals with the infrastructure of an insurance company has to say about his experience We have different backup proceures for different systems. They are formulate by the owners of the service application base on their own reasone nees and the requirements of state regulators if any. Some systems are backe up France Email List every day or every week. If there is a database active for writing and the losses are critical the backup is remove from the logs every hour. If the database is large then a differential backup is made on weekdays at night and a full backup is made on weekends. For some data it is still necessary to organize long term storage on tape cassettes up to years. The responsibility of the admin can be hundres of servers.

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Their Volume You Can Control

Knowing and remembering the backup requirements of everyone is an impossible task. The documentation helps out the system administrator sets everything up according to the regulations and then makes sure that everything works. The company BM Leads takes the preparation of such documents very seriously. I made a mistake with the choice of the backup window The timing of the backup is important. It is necessary that a minimum of data operations take place during this period it is easier to guarantee the consistency of the backup. In addition it reuces the chances that the backup will be slow and slow down the system as a whole. Developers know that when a database is backe up it is better not to update the indexes otherwise the tasks overlap.

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