April 3, 2023
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We do not send SMS to him. but after minutes the person leaves the metro and appears on the network. Thus. we lose people who were offline for a short time. because SMS makes several delivery attempts In the pursuit of money and gree. operators begin to distort the data of HLR requests and often give the wrong answer. Especially problems arise with the Megafon operator. It is difficult to find a supplieroperator who always gives reliable statuses. However. our company is actively developing a new method of sending using HLR requests.

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We are constantly testing new channels. and when we see excellent quality. we will definitely add such a service. Now you can leave a request to connect the HLRrequest service. and when it is available. we will notify you. and you will be able to send SMS. paying for the delivere messages. Or you can just update your database with HLR requests. The estimate Cyprus Email List cost of such a service will be from to kopecks per message. In the era of the formation of the SMS services market. most people did mailing via GSM modems. With the help of technical solutions. a phone or just a GSM modem was attache to a computer. and SMS was initiate through special software. In the early s. operators had very interesting tariffs for sending SMS.

Country Email List

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Rostelecom offere the Captain Platinum tariff with a subscription fee and unlimite SMS messages. Taxi drivers like to use this tariff in order to attach this SIM card via a GSM modem and send bulk SMS messages. In terms of the cost of one BM Leads message. it turne out to be extremely profitable. Gradually. operators began to introduce the SMS service directly through SMS gateways. which provide a higher sending spee. as well as the ability to set many settings for how messages would leave. SMS sending via GSM modems Sending via GSM modems fade into the background. it became unprofitable. unprofitable and forgotten about. However in when due to changes in legislation.

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