April 3, 2023
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HLR is a command that the operator sends before making a call to check if the subscriber is online. You may notice the presence of the HLR when your phone is near speakers and they start to make extraneous noises before a call. Just at this moment there is an HLR request. If the HLR request understands that if the subscriber is not online. then the person who calle this subscriber receives a voice command that the subscriber is not online. unavailable or busy. Previously. the use of this service was unpopular. since mobile operators charge SMS only for delivere ones.

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HLR requests were occasionally use in the banking sector. collection agencies. and call centers to give operators only those numbers that are online for a call back Now that most carriers have move to a rateofsent messaging scheme and have dramatically increase their rates. HLR queries are starting to get interesting. there are several areas of their Cuba Email List application. For example. before sending. you can use HLR to check the entire database. and. if the subscriber is online. send him an SMS. But if the subscriber is not online. do not send such a message. The advantage of this method is that we do not presend a message that will not be delivere because the subscriber is offline.

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Thus we will save money without lowering our result. HLR requests The HLR request itself costs within kopecks. If you remember the mathematics of the th grade. you can understand that HLR is very effective if you have a delivery percentage BM Leads of less than . In our experience with mailing after HLR requests. the delivery rate reache . That is. most subscribers receive SMS after HLR. However. HLR has a number of disadvantages that do not yet allow this service to be as popular as possible If the subscriber is in the metro and we check him using HLR. then the HLR request shows that the subscriber is not online.

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