April 3, 2023
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With the help of our SMS advertising tools. you can emerge victorious from this crisis. SMS mailings are widely use not only in marketing. but also in the field of security. SMS mailing is especially widely use in the field of eucation in schools. and such a project as an SMS diary is now gaining the most popularity. Parents. in order to quickly monitor the progress of their child. can activate such a service. and within a specifie period of time. the program will send information about the progress of the child via SMS. Now there is no nee to check the diary daily you can see it through your phone.

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Moreover many schools. in addition to the possibility of sending messages. also send the childs homework via SMS. so that parents. especially if the child is in elementary grades. have a full opportunity to control the process of doing homework. Also. the teacher Chile Email List can send some wishes. complaints or other information to parents via SMS through the SMS diary. and it will promptly reach the recipient. Therefore. you no longer nee to take a diary every time. look. check you will always be aware of all the affairs and news of the school using an SMS diary. SMS mailings in the field of eucation Our company works with many schools and more than schools are connecte to our system via API protocols.

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If you wish you can also leave a request so that we send you the API documentation and integrate the schools SMS diary into the system. Rest assure that messages will be delivere promptly. quickly and at a good price. In addition to the diary. the SMS BM Leads turnstile is gaining more and more popularity. Turnstiles are installe in schools. which. either by means of cards. by marks or various other signs. determine at what time the student entere the school and at what time he left it. At this moment. parents receive SMS. If you do not have the opportunity to see off and meet the child from school. this is also very convenient. because you can always track when your child enters and leaves the school.

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