March 21, 2023
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Support in OpenStack Nova The Selectel cloud is built on top of OpenStack. Therefore when looking for a tool we also estimate the costs of implementing in OpenStack. We were lucky and the OpenStack project already provide for the use of control groups doka doka . In the course of the tests we found out that in Nova the specifie cpu shares value is applie to the entire virtual machine proof . Well found out and found out what the problem is. And the problem will be easier to show with an example. Lets take a closer look at the piece of code in which the cpu shares value for the virtual machine is set.

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Line shows that by default the value of cpu shares for a virtual machine scales depending on the number of cores. However further in the loop on line a check is made for the presence of a custom cpu shares value in the VM characteristics. If the check is successful that is we have specifie our own value for cpu shares the specifie value is not scale to the Benin Email List number of cores and is set as is line . This behavior is not very convenient to use out of the box. We were able to come up with a couple of workarounds for this behavior Correct the code so that the passe cpu shares value is also scale Take into account the number of cores in advance and immeiately set the correct cpu shares value in the virtual machine configuration The first option offers us flexibility.

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Do you want a virtual machine with . Please. Just put the weight in cpu shares . and round up to an integer. Profit The second option is closer to those who like to say It works dont touch it. You can just keep this feature in mind and not write any code. Just write the desire weight in the configuration and thats it. Profit pros Native solution for Linux BM Leads OS. Operates invisibly to the process it controls. Supporte in OpenStack out of the box. Does not limit the virtual machine if there are free resources. Therefore a virtual machine can work without restrictions if there is a free resource. Minuses It is necessary to take into account the hierarchy of cpu shares when using.

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