March 23, 2023
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Your main goal is to get a conversion. A conversion is a targete action taken by a customer. It can be page viewing consultation collection of information. About site visitors depending on what goal you are pursuing at the moment. But the main goal of any business is to sell. We offer a comprehensive promotion of the company on special equipment Contextual advertising to attract customers to equipment screenshot of contextual advertising for special equipment requests Contextual advertising is considere one of the most effective ways of promotion.

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You can set it up yourself using Yandex. Direct and Google Adwords. Advertisements appear on the first pages of search engines or on their advertising platforms when a user enters one of the key queries of your topic into the line. Links from ads lead to UK Email List landing pages on your site. Important setup points Compose and specify a set of key queries. Requests for the rental of special equipment can be made by type of equipment location of your company technical features of the equipment service name sale or rental.

Country Email List

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Make up the keys as accurately as possible for example in the case of renting the Galician truck crane we make requests By name rent services order Galician Type of equipment rent a truck crane crane rent a truck crane crane truck crane crane services BM Leads order a truck crane crane According to the technical characteristics rent of a truck crane crane tons rent of a truck crane crane boom meters crane rental tons rent crane crane rental and so on. Choose negative words that will disable nontarget impressions contract vacancies work free. For example if your company operates only in Moscow then exclude other regions.

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