April 8, 2023
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How to achieve it? Explaining to them that their disagreement is bad for them and the company as a whole. But that’s not always possible. In such situations, it is important to intervene not as a boss, but as a meiator. Of course, it is impossible to become a neutral, independent meiator, because being part of a company, you have your own opinion about the best outcome. After all, you are likely to be more effective in advancing everyone’s interests—yours, theirs, and the organization.

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You use your meiation skills instead of your authority. Why is it better to rely on meiation rather than on your own authority? Your co-workers are more likely to make decisions and implement them if they are involve in making them. If you tell them Latest Mailing Database what to do, they won’t learn anything about resolving conflicts on their own. Rather, they will become more dependent on you as someone who always clears up their arguments for them. We recommend What is an employer brand and why is it so important.

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Of course, there are times when you will have to set aside your role as meiator and decide how the conflict will be resolve – for example, if there are issues relate to company policy, there is an imminent threat to your business, or all other BM Leads means of conflict resolution within the team have faile . However, such conflicts are rare. When you nee to be a peacemaker What to do when employees expect you as a supervisor to take a position and thus end solving conflicts in the team? To begin with, you can tell your co-workers that while you have the authority to impose, for example, a course of action on them, you hope that together you will find a solution that works for everyone.

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