February 25, 2024
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Office study corner office in room STUDY CORNER: INTRODUCTION Smart working (or agile working) has become a necessity, not only for the self-employed. Here’s a guide to furnishing a small study corner at home with style and functionality! Are you lucky enough to have a study corner at home? Having your own office is undoubtedly a great convenience, but smart working is not always the best solution for the quality of work. Yes, because concentrating is not so easy at home! In fact, furnishing a study room so that it is always tidy and well organized is a valid way to work to the maximum of your possibilities. Today we will discover how to furnish a study corner optimally for smart work.


Where do we start furnishing a study corner at home? But it’s obvious: from the desktop! Smart, working fans know this. Having a comfortable and tidy surface is the first step to setting up a home office without giving up the comfort  Indonesia Phone Number Data of large work spaces. But how do you choose the right desk? First of all, you will have to find a good compromise on the measures. You may not have a gigantic open space available; however, there is nothing worse than a cramped and cluttered desk! The solution, especially if you need to furnish a small study corner to work smartly, is to organize the desk to save as much space as possible. And for this, you need a smart piece of furniture with additional drawers and shelves, like a desk that allows you to organize notebooks and files, saving precious centimeters.

How do I organize my desk?


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We have already seen how to choose the right desk for the study corner to “get rid” of the most voluminous objects. But obviously, it’s impossible to work without having anything on hand, so here are some tips on how to better organize your desk. First of all, if you work on the computer, you will surely have to deal with a lot of intricate Singapore Phone Number List cables. Cables  do not take up much space; however, they give the room a very cluttered look. Not ideal for concentrating! Then equip yourself with a cable box, or, better yet, have fun doing it yourself with DIY. In fact, you just need to take a shoe box, decorate it to your liking, and make two holes corresponding to the short sides. Hiding that tangle of electrical cords in a nice container will give your eyes instant relief; seeing is believing.

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