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A monolithic architecture is really good when you nee to quickly roll out a new feature to the production but there is no way to prepare the infrastructure more often this is a solution for new products. It is also necessary to understand what difficulties and at what stage the team will be able to transfer with the least loss of resources. At the same time some large projects are in no hurry to switch to microservices since it is more profitable for them from the point of view of costs and resources to scale the infrastructure than to re architect the entire service. cost line code The graph shows the approximate ratio of the cost of the code as the project develops the more code you have to add to the monolith the more expensive the solution will be.

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At the ame time the more code there is in microservices the less you have to pay for it. Since the division of a large monolith into microservices is a rather painful process it can be done gradually but the choice of architecture itself should be made base on business nees. Its worth asking yourself is the application big enough to split it into microservices . To move Costa Rica Email List from a monolith to microservices two approaches are most often use. Big bang approach and phase refactoring. In the big bang all efforts are focuse on refactoring the monolith. The introduction of new features for this period is suspende. The incremental refactoring ensures that new features are implemente as modern microservices that can interact with the monolith via APIs.

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At the same time the code is not directly integrate into the monolith. As the product is upgrade the functionality of the monolith is gradually delegate to microservices. When a company chooses its refactoring path it is important to consider the BM Leads following aspects Which business components to separate from the monolith and turn into distribute microservices. How to separate databases from application to separate data complexity from application logic. How to test new microservices and their dependencies. Features of microservice architecture At the heart of the microservice architecture is the principle that each microservice implements its own business opportunity.

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