April 4, 2023
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Complete the story Add Story Button This will open the Instagram camera. Next. we nee to scroll the fee of mosoks available to you to the end with a swipe to the left swipe left Scroll through the available masks to the end When we scroll to the end of the list of available masks. we will see the icon and the inscription View effects as in the screenshot below View effects View Effects button The Effects Gallery opens. The effects gallery contains a collection of all the masks of other Instagram users.

Everything Is Set Up Correctly

The masks are categorize. collection of Instagram user masks. src Effects gallery main page You can use and save any of the Effects Gallery masks. They will be in the fee of available masks in your Instagram camera. next to the Snapshot button. The profile Uruguay Email List of the user who create and uploade the mask. Each account. which has at least one mask loade. has a separate tab with a smiley Effects tab. Effects tab Effects tab This tab displays all the masks that have been uploade by the user. Here you can try them. You can save the mask you like to the camera. Stories of people who use the mask.

Country Email List

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If you like the mask of your friend or blogger. Then you can save it to yourself by clicking on the name of this mask in the upper left corner of the story. Squirrel mask by Vicki Carter squirrel mask by Vicki Carter How masks are made and moderate Facebook BM Leads has Spark AR Studio for creating masks for macOS and Windows. Here you can read all the necessary information about how Spark AR works Learn section. So the mask is done. Now you nee to upload it to your Instagram account. so that other users can find it. Masks are available to any of the three types of accounts. business account. author account and personal account.

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