February 25, 2024
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Take advantage of your ceramic hob

Take advantage  and life is beautiful with a ceramic hob that makes your life easier and even more so with these three recipes that we have prepared for you. Do you fancy a delicious and healthy Italian dish? Join us! Link copied Sometimes it’s not about having a lot of appliances, but about using them well. This is the case of the ceramic hob , which even when turned off maintains heat to continue cooking while you take a well-deserved rest. Therefore, today we bring you three ideal dishes for you to put into practice and bring out your most culinary side. Important! In these three recipes, the cooking time and residual heat are specified so that you can make the most of your energy .

How Make pesto

How Make pesto for cooking time: 2 min + 10 min residual heat. Pasta is always a good choice! This is the case of these al pesto, a pasta that gets its name from its curious resemblance to radiators. If we talk about pesto, did you know Turkey Phone Number Data  that this sauce from northern Italy owes its name to the word (mash) due to the way it is prepared? Its touch of basil gives it an incredible flavor to enjoy a delicious and easy-to-prepare meal , worthy of the best chef. Take note! Ingredient (between 70 and 100 grams per diner). Pesto sauce. A pinch of salt.


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We place a large pot on the ceramic hob and add water. We add a tablespoon of salt and wait for it to boil. When it starts to boil, add the and wait 2 minutes. Then, we turn off the heat and cover the pot. We let them continue cooking for 10 more minutes with the  Mexico Phone Number List  residual heat given off by the vitro. When they are ready, drain the pasta and put it in a deep plate. Finally, we add the pesto sauce and mix well. If we feel like it, we can also add grated Parmesan cheese on top to enhance all its flavor. Ready! We advise you! Macaroni with Cooking time: 2 min + 10 min residual heat. Don’t have time today or don’t you feel like cooking? There are days when we are simply not one hundred percent. Maybe those are the days, precisely, when we deserve a break, a hug or its culinary equivalent: a good plate of macaroni with Bolognese sauce.

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