April 3, 2023
Country Email List

Take It Into Account In The Total Amount

Intersections of the audience in the databases and the exclusion of users. Additional functions Automatic search for an audience according to the specifie parameters and uploading it to the advertising account. Bonuses for paying for training service conference tickets partner offers or brande products. support. pros There is a free version with limite functionality. Work in the cloud service you do not nee to download anything to your computer. Simple and fast integration with the VKontakte advertising account. Minuses Limite number of instructions for users and cases. Difficult interface for beginners. Tariffs TargetHunter Tariffs TargetHunter Service website.

The User It Is Also Possible To Set

Targethunter CleverTarget clovertarget Functional Search for communities that users subscribe to the audience that interacte with specific posts participate in surveys left comments in discussions videos photos Search for friends of certain users. Processing lists with an audience. selection by gender country city exclusion of one list from another checking Qatar Email List for intersections merging. Spy of people who joine and left in the community or on a personal page. Analytics by group or person general by audience by audience segment by geopoint. ML parsing base on machine learning. For example you can select people who wear glasses or watches have a similar appearance etc. pros Pay only for the features you use.

Country Email List

The Cost Of Different Types Of Delivery

Work in the cloud no nee to download anything. Minuses Difficult to preict costs due to perminute billing. Tariffs CleverTarget Tariffs CleverTarget Service website. clevertarget SMMup logosmm Functional Search for an audience by gender age BM Leads interests. Combination of profile datademographics work and hobbies. Analysis of groups by audience activity the nature of posting etc. Analysis of user activity at different times. pros The service is free. Minuses Limite opportunities for parsing. Website. smmup TargetoLOG logox Functional Search for groups that are similar in composition of the target audience to a given group.

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