February 11, 2024
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Created songs and games to educate sensations and emotions. Highlighted the values ​​arising from manual practices. Produced toys aimed at promoting the learning. Of subjects such as arithmetic and geometry. In addition to suggesting that methodologies. Of teaching were willing to disseminate poetic dialogues and planting preservation by students, as the manipulation of objectives and participation in varied activities based on communication, through musical resources. Production activities and creation in paper. Clay and communications linguistics. Would enable children’s world to become broader and more comprehensive, allowing them to see, modify, observe, discover and solve (incontri, 1997). Playful procedures, in this context, were carried out using instruments that deteriorated due to use, such as: clay, sand and paper, used in modeling activities, cutting out, folding. Basting cards with. Different figures drawn on them. Stringing beads necklace and others, which aimed to seek stimulation and.

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Child could practice activities that fostered their individual development. Thus, other content applications must be taught by the educational team, which should encourage communication and freedom of expression, which the author, within his ideological framework, called Armenia Phone Number Database maternal activity (teixeira, 1995). Maria montessori. Considered a reference in the field of pedagogical. Planning and educational systems of the 20th century, worked in the section for students with special needs, when she created a learning plan that consists of the use of tools suitable for educational. Use. In 1907. She was selected to establish the organization of a space for non-disabled children, within a collective accommodation aimed at families in the popular sectors. This experience became known. As the “children’s house” (montessori, sd.

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Games and were directed to the tools used in children’s activities. Toys. She also systematized strategic and beneficial. Mechanisms for motor coordination, mainly associated. With individual care and intellectual spheres, such as: movable letters, letters cut out of sandpaper cards for Canada Phone Number List  learning to read, and counters. Such as the abacus, for numerical learning. It also influenced the minimization of furniture within school spaces for initial education and the size of tools for everyday domestic use, in order to make children’s games more comfortable (montessori, sd). Given this context, these scholars contributed with. Their theories inherent. To playful teaching in the early years, providing opportunities for more appropriate. Types of teaching and. Modernization of learning techniques in schools. A driving sphere for learning through toys, clothes, records.

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