April 4, 2023
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Add a logo and links to your videos. They increase memorability and help the client quickly get in touch with you. Guide to action in Tik Tok. how to register and make the first publication If you are still reading this. then most likely you have realize what potential TikTok hides for business. and you cant wait to start promoting on a site that is rapidly developing. And the first step is to create an account and make the first publication. Lets consider step by step how to do it First of all. you nee to go to the AppStore or Google Play to download the application.

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To do this we drive in the name of the application in the search bar and click Download. Downloading the TikTok app Downloading the TikTok app. Open TikTok on your phone and select interests so that the application can generate content according to your preferences. Since youre building a TikTok platform for a business. its best to choose categories Guadeloupe Email List that are akin to your line of business rather than personal tastes so you can keep track of your competitors promotional strategy Also choose the floor. When setting up a TikTok account for business. this parameter is not important. and you can safely select Skip in the upper right corner. Choosing a gender Choosing a gender. At this stage. you can view the fee. but you are not a registere user yet. so you cannot start marketing activity.

Country Email List

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You nee to create an account. to do this. go to the Me section and click on the Register button. Create an account on the TikTok appSigning up for TikTok Create an account on the TikTok app. Next. you nee to enter your date of birth to confirm that you BM Leads can already use the application. After that. we procee directly to registration. for this. we indicate the phone number and or email. Since you will be promoting TikTok for business. immeiately indicate your work email and the correct number. An important condition is that you must have access to all contacts. Registration in TikTok enter the date of birthRegistration in TikTok enter mail Signing up for TikTok.

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