April 3, 2023
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That Comes Across From The Internet

Will nee to bypass all these mobile operators as a legal entity and with each of operators to conclude an agreement on different conditions. I understand that I live in the city of Perm. and the operator YeniseyTelecom is locate far outside my city. and I nee to make physical efforts. come to them and conclude an agreement. Then go to the operator Baikal West. which is also not in the city of Perm. and conclude an agreement with him. Then go to Yekaterinburg etc.

This Is The Simplest Most Logical

In practice this is an absolutely unrealistic thing that sounds very beautiful and logical. Nevertheless. Megafon introduce these rules in October. In fact. this only affecte the fact that many Megafon users began to receive service SMS with long delays or did not receive them at all. protection codes did not come. and this resulte in great inconvenience Greece Email List for users. Under this law. Megafon once again raise the purchase price to almost a ruble per SMS. and began to make super profits. since it is the only monopolist only Megafon can send SMS to Megafon be patient and buy. SMS law It is also very interesting that shortly before the adoption of the law on communications.

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Just Do Not Take The First Rhyme

Alaw was passe regulating the activities of banks. they had to inform all users about the movement of funds in their account via SMS without fail. And as soon as this law came into force. mobile operators immeiately realize that the law obliges banks BM Leads to purchase traffic in any case. so you can set any prices you like. banks will still buy. otherwise they will be deprive of their licenses. Thus. mobile operators decide to make money primarily on banks all lobbying comes from mobile operators. Also. this law will in no way save people from annoying advertising. Now almost all advertising goes in two ways From operators.

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