April 3, 2023
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Date of the study More than of Russian users use instant messengers. The remaining choose SMS. The first places in terms of the number of users were taken by WhatsApp and Viber. overtaking other chat applications. Interestingly. a significant part of the audience uses Telegram. The audience of this messenger is slightly smaller than the audience of Facebook Messenger. Hey Telegram Who are you. Message Forwarder unexpectely fire in the study. Its developers do not advertise at all. And there is no Russian localization in the messenger.

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Why did the Russians love him. However. neither Facebook Messenger nor Telegram are widely use. Together with Mail Agent and ICQ Agent. Talk and Hangouts. they are at the very bottom of the rating. with a deserve . Geographic cut New Republic of Bolivia Email List Crimea The region is not in the trend of the country. While Russians are using WhatsApp according to the survey. Crimeans are using Skype and Facebook Messenger. They also like Viber. almost use the service. SMS Popularity. Winners and Losers SMS communication across regions is distribute evenly. Those. there is no such thing as in one region. and in another. and on average it turne out to be.

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An average of of Russians prefer to communicate via SMS. Only in regions the share of SMS is . times higher at the level of . The Ulyanovsk region became the leader in terms of quantity. Here almost of citizens use SMS. Slightly fewer residents enjoy BM Leads the benefits of services in the Rostov and Penza regions. Almost of residents use SMS in the Kemerovo and Orenburg regions. But SMS is use the least in Tatarstan. Kamchatka. Chuvashia and Yakutia. Is WhatsApp really that popular. Leaders and outsiders More than of respondents use WhatsApp in Yakutia . in Kamchatka the same . in the Amur Region slightly more than.

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