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Cat videos are the best example of such artifacts. This approach has its advantages standard interframe interpolation does not require much power to work efficiently which makes it very common in various video codecs. Another technology is widely use in modern TVs and projectors the difference between the screen hertz and the video stream spee according to manufacturers causes a feeling of a torn picture so TVs automatically interpolate frames to level this effect. However this may disrupt the plans of some directors. This is especially annoying for action movie makers who shoot their movies at FPS on purpose. The fact is that in many modern TVs the frame interpolation option is enable by default.

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The picture becomes too smooth because of which the film looks completely different from what it was originally intende and the viewer stops believing in what is happening. In Tom Cruise spoke out in favor of disabling this feature before watching a feature movie. The picture really looks strange and unnatural as if taken on a digital camera and not on film. This Whatsapp Mobile Number List phenomenon even got a name The Soap Opera Effect . Modern interpolation method Modern interpolation methods are base on the well coordinate work of several algorithms at once including standard analysis of the video stream and bundles of various neural networks. This method solves some of the shortcomings of standard interpolation for example unpleasant artifacts that appear in the background of the frame when there is movement on the screen.

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Modern algorithms are a kind of multi layere pie of software solutions. On each layer the frame is processe using neural networks and complex mathematical models. This approach offers a number of advantages over the standard method The picture becomes much smoother and looks more natural. At the output the algorithm produces fewer artifacts BM Leads due to a deeper analysis. This approach gives us the opportunity to increase the number of frames an unlimite number of times. That is using these algorithms you can make slow motion frames per second from a two second video. Disadvantages of the method Okay that sounds really complicate. Are there any disadvantages to this method. Yes and they seriously limit the mass application of these technologies in devices The main drawback of the method is its gluttony to resources.

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