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The values, in turn, are the behaviors or behaviors expect within the organization. A very common misconception in companies is that their mission, vision and values ​​become a paper post on the company’s wall, and that do not necessarily reflect the day-to-day of that work. The aforemention research also shows that employees are five times more likely to work for a company that spends time reflecting on its impact on the world.

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This means that there is a direct relationship between talent retention and organizational purpose. The mission, that is, the organizational purpose, must be authentic and genuinely reflect the significant role the company plays Senegal B2B List in society; otherwise, your employees will notice. “Awkward emails to your team about corporate social responsibility efforts that seem disconnect from the team’s day-to-day experience only inspir cynicism. When authentic and handl well, reflections on the big picture can inspire a sense of purpose. – McKinsey & Company Thus, with a well-defin organizational purpose, you can establish actions that go beyond social responsibility, but which also express your responsibility to your employees.

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Identifying purpose in recruitment and selection Cultural fit assessments are also important to qualify the candidate, especially BM Leads if there is a way to map the connection between the company’s purpose and that of the candidate. By far, the proposal is not that this is a spiritual or holistic assessment. In fact, consideration of the vocation for work and personal purpose must permeate what we call soft skills. These are those skills that go beyond technical knowlge, or the paper curriculum, but which have been develop throughout the candidate’s entire life history.

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