April 3, 2023
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Rather choose one of them and raise your ER on Instagram. or VKontakte. Giveaways for Instagram. Since the functionality of Instagram. is limite the set of. Rules for participation in the competition will be the same. be subscribe to your account. Like the contest post. Tag a friend in the comment of the contest post. Put the hashtag of the draw on publications in your account. Mark your account for publications in your account.

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Write in the comment the target action for example the number of hidden objects or the word that was thought of. Choose a few items from this list and go ahead in the audience. Remember. the simpler the rules the more users will participate in the contest Norway Email List Photo contest A photo contest is probably the easiest way to get involve and generate usergenerate content for your Instagram. You can invite subscribers to take a beautiful or unusual photo of your products take a selfie with them or make a short video about how they use your brand products. Subscribers post their creations on their profile or Stories with a mention of your profile.

Country Email List

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The author of the best work wins by the number of likes on the publication or by hashtag using a randomizer. Instagram photo contest An example of an Instagram photo contest Come up with a name for the mascot Give your subscribers a taskto BM Leads dream up and come up with a name for the brands mascot. Post a photo or picture of the companys mascot in the fee or Stories and describe the conditions for participation. The winner will be determine by experts judges or other users Filward How does the competition work. Choose the direction in which the words will be compose. You can use all directions including obliquely or you can only use updown or rightleft.

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