April 3, 2023
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Spot the Differences Photo game on Instagram. Spot the Differences Photo game on Instagram. Draws for VKontakte Before holding a VKontakte contest we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the rules . So you will definitely not get a ban ensure full transparency of the contest and users will not even have the thought of complaining about you to technical support Repost Prize The mechanics is simple. users nee to repost the contest post.

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The winner is determine with the help of special servicesrandomizers. In some cases the winner is determine among those who left a comment or like. The mechanics of such a draw does not require any effort from the user so a lot of people participate in such contests. Repost prize Engagement of competitive and regular publication in the Free Pakistan Email List community . Last comment How it works. the victory goes to the user whose comment remains the last on the wall for a certain time for exampleorminutes. The draw may last for several days. Its success depends on the prize the more valuable the gift for the user the stronger the motivation to follow the progress of the contest.

Country Email List

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Competition Last comment Draw on the last comment in the NordenWolfs community . First correct answer The winner in such a contest is the user who is the first to correctly answer the question or quiz in the post. Questions are usually relate to the company or publications poste on the community wall earlier. Competition for the correct answer BM Leads Competition for the correct answer in the AORUS community . Creative competition This is the most fun way to engage your audience and collect tons of usergenerate content from your followers. In the contest post a task is given for example to take the funniest photo or video write a quatrain about the company make a design for the brands merchandise.

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