April 3, 2023
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You can target the audience to those who work and those who live. This service is available on our service. you can check with our managers for more information. The launch of the service takes place within a day. and during this time you will be able to benefit from this advertisement. Service number SMSoffline. What is its essence. We make a portrait of our target audience base on this portrait and create an SMS mailing QIWI makes a request to you about who your client is. Lets say I. as an advertiser. give out numbers of my clients.

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QIWI runs these numbers through its system and sees what they have in common. how often these subscribers made payments through the QIWI system. what the size of the transaction. in what area the payment was made and what it was for communication. games. loans or utilities. That is. a number of matches are reveale for all these numbers that Egypt Email List we provide to QIWI. Base on these correspondences. a portrait of the target audience is drawn. Further. when the portrait is drawn. you can send it to the people who are in your database. Thus. you receive a targete. targete SMS mailing to people as close as possible in properties and qualities.

Country Email List

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A number of useful services from QIWI for SMS Such a service does not launch as quickly as SMS online. because it is associate with analysis. However. within BM Leads a week it can be launche. QIWI also talke about a number of successful cases. For example. microcreit organizations are very fond of using such a service as SMSoffline. They provide a list of people who have ever taken loans from them and. base on the analysis. what they have in common is reveale and a distribution is made throughout the database. Conversion from such mailings can reach.

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