April 3, 2023
Whatsapp Mobile Number List

The Clients Link Will Be Replace

API integration The API is the link you nee to integrate your customer management system with our messaging service. When API integration is neee If the goal is SMS after targete actions on any site. service or application. then integration is neee. Below are some examples of targete actions. Number confirmation at registration This is one of the ways to verify the number. Lets say your site involves user registration and verification. To check whether the registration is real or not. use captchas. confirmation of registration by email or SMS.

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It is much more convenient to use messages in such cases. in our time the phone is always at hand. and additionally going to the mail to go through the check does not always entail a positive reaction. Verification by SMS is as follows. the user has registere on the site. receive a message with a confirmation code. entere it this is how the standard registration Whatsapp Number List confirmation algorithm looks like. Parcel Reminder Parcel notifications are the last century. It goes a long way before falling into the hands of the addressee. As soon as the parcels arrive at the pickup point. the employees process them. enter them into the system. print out notices. and only then the courier delivers them to the mailboxes. Then the notice lies for several days in a box and waits for a meeting with the recipient. Lets spee up the messaging process.

Whatsapp Mobile Number List

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After the delivery information is entere into the system. the recipient immeiately receives an SMS with a notification. Automatic notification occurs due BM Leads to the integration of the CRMsystem of the post office. which automatically receives data on the receipt of the parcel. Reminder of indebteness The SMS mailing service will help to remind the client about the debt without harm to the nervous system. API integration will automate debt reminder messages. As soon as your system recognizes the debtor. this information will automatically go to PSMS and then the user will receive a call asking for payment.

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