March 22, 2023
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Depending on the type the logical structure of the database may have a different description. This difference affects which database is use in the development of a particular product or technology. The simplest types of databases Such databases include a database that stores data with a simple structure for example a list of allowe IP addresses for accessing the network project environment settings a list of subscribers to the companys mailing list and so on. They are still widespread. Text files Information about objects is collecte in files of various formats simple in structure txt csv etc.

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Spaces tabs commas semicolons and colons are use to separate fields. Separation of fields in the database Examples etc passwd and etc fstab on Unix like systems csv files ini files etc. Peculiarities Easy to use. To work with files a primitive text eitor is sufficient. It is Ecuador Email List convenient to work with application configuration data creentials connection settings to remote servers and devices ports etc Restrictions It is difficult to establish relationships between data components. Not for all types of information. Hierarchical databases Unlike text files links are establishe between store objects here.

Country Email List

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Objects are divide into parents main classes or categories of objects and children instances of these classes or categories . Each child can have at most one parent. Example of a hierarchical base An example of a hierarchical database. The graphical representation BM Leads of such a database is a tree structure. Examples Organization of file systems DNS and LDAP connections. Peculiarities Relationships between objects are implemente as physical pointers. For example in a file system the path to a folder or file is built from the names of the root and subdirectories Modeling nesting and subordination relations.

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