April 3, 2023
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Thereby producing several unique texts. Thus. in order to increase the percentage of delivery of promotional SMS messages. you must Use as many text templates as possible . Instead of a phone number. indicate the name of the site locate on the subdomain. containing two dots or the address of the store . Use fewer spaces by replacing them with other characters . Use CapsLock. By following these rules. you will increase the percentage of delivery up to Any SMS mailings should be distinguishe not only by attractive prices and tempting offers. but also by full compliance with the requirements of advertising legislation.

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To follow these laws. you nee to know them. In this article. we will get acquainte with the laws relate to advertising. Legislative subtleties of advertising of some types of goods advertising products remotely for the purpose of sale Article of the Feeral Law On Advertising . Advertising the implementation of incentive measures Article of the Feeral Law On Indonesia Email List Advertising . advertising of riskbase bets. as well as games Feeral Law On Advertising. art Advertising of goods and services using the remote method of sale is possible in the following cases if sales outlets are advertise without specifying the services provide. the goods offere and the cost of the products they offer.

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If buyers are informe about the arrival of a new product without providing information about what products and at what prices arrive . if text advertising of services or goods offere remotely includes the following information. for legal entities. location BM Leads name as well as state registration number. indicating the creation of a legal entity for individuals. full name main registration state. record number on the registration of physical. persons in the role of IP. Advertising informing about the holding of games. contests. as well as other similar events. the condition for taking part in which is the purchase of a certain product subsequently promotional events should include the timing of the implementation of the incentive measure.

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