August 14, 2023
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Promotes accessibility Many business processes are migrating to digital, so HR departments must keep up with this trend, among others. Currently, everything is on the network and it is indicat that the support for employees, interactions with the team, corporate training, company forms and questions, important information, are also in the virtual environment. 8. Knowlge retention Companies that have already contract traditional training.

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Today, see how employees were overload with the long hours of training and, in the end, could not retain the knowlge. The training platforms bring the differential of roing learning as many times as necessary, in addition to the content made Iraq B2B List available in an objective way, where each module lasts about 8 to 10 minutes. At the end, there are still lessons to test the knowlge gain by the professional, and if he himself is not satisfi, he can just retake the module. This methodology is known as microlearning, and has been adopt in thousands of large companies around the world.

B2B Email List

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Feback for optimization The last advantage among the most relevant of the gamifi platform is the possibility of providing BM Leads constructive feback. In this case, it is worth providing an online form to employees with multiple-choice questions about the training to then deliver feback on the teaching. From this feback, the professionals themselves discover what knowlge they ne to deepen in order to develop. It is up to managers and leaders to provide the necessary support to employees for this. As all processes are becoming digital, your company also nes to join the virtual environment to keep up with the market.

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