April 3, 2023
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The End Of December Show This Sms

Despite the fact that the efforts and costs to try to deliver those of SMS were higher than for delivere SMS messages. That is. the operator made several attempts and only after that returne the status not delivere. Moreover. many careless advertisers. taking advantage of the fact that billing is for delivere SMS. starte sending mailings by ranges without thinking about personalization. updating the database. This has resulte in a lot of spam.

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With such mailings. delivery was about . which was extremely unprofitable for operators. This resulte in delays in the delivery of SMS messages to normal advertisers. In December . practically in Russia there was not a single operator left that charges its Denmark Email List SMS messages according to delivere ones. In connection with recent events. the introduction of the law on sending SMS and interconnects from mobile operators. the prices for the delivery of SMS messages have risen sharply. People starte looking for an alternative. The first alternative is direct channels from cellular operators. which are now striving for a ruble per message.

Country Email List

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Making some types of services completely unprofitable. The second alternative is that people starte using mailings via SIM cards. but the spee and quality of such mailings left much to be desire. Sending via modems. unfortunately. does not perform most BM Leads of the tasks that SMS should be able to handle. The third alternative is mailing through the remaining mobile operators that provide digital channels. These are SMARTS. YeniseyTelecom ETK. Baikalwestcom BTK. Some of their affiliates provide a service such as SMS from a digital sender. But every month the requirements and rules of the game are getting tougher. and the quality of delivery leaves much to be desire.

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