November 19, 2023
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The extensive in the Database are use to select contractors select in accordance with the principle of competitiveness. Market research is a confirmation of whether a given service or delivery. Was provide at a price not higher than the market price. When implementing an EU project. The application always includes the project budget. In a situation where a given budget. Item has an assign value of PLN – thousand. net So far, i.e. in the – perspective. The Beneficiary was oblige to research the market. What is worth noting is that the new financial perspective – has brought changes in this area.

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There is no longer an obligation to conduct market research for expenses worth PLN. However, beneficiaries still need to incur expenses in a rational and efficient manner. The eligibility guidelines do not merely specify the conditions for meeting Photo Retouching this requirement. Having outline the situation of what public procurement is in an EU project. In the following we describe what irregularities are subject to financial corrections and how to avoid them. Definition of an irregularity resulting in the imposition of a financial correction. As we mention earlier. The imposition of a financial correction results primarily from legal issues that violate the EU budget. Therefore it is define as an irregularity.

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Taking into account all the conditions, it constitutes a violation of the law, results from the entity’s action or omission, may cause damage to the EU budget, which would consequently lead to the financing of an unjustifie expense. Irregularities may occur in three BM Leads main categories: Contract notice and specifications of essential terms of the contract Qualification of bidders and evaluation of offers Execution of the contract What financial correction values ​​apply? The value of financial corrections is present in the document: Regulation on the conditions for reducing the value of financial corrections and expenses incur incorrectly relate to the award of contracts.

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