April 3, 2023
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People receive less garbage on their phones. they began to read much more what they receive. That is. attention to messages has increase dramatically Shipping rates have increase and with feeback from our customers. its safe to say theyre doing better despite the shipping charges. We also encourage all of you on New Years Eve to experience how the digital channel has change . It will be great if you unsubscribe about how the mailing list has become even better. Clients often ask us this question. because their database is store in Excel. in a notepad in txt or in Google Docs. and there is always a problem to send messages quickly.

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In fact our personal account provides the ability to send messages via Excel. To do this. by going to the office. you can import the database. specify the path to the file. and in a few seconds your database from Excel will be adde to your personal account. and after a few seconds you can send it. At the moment. in addition to Excel. we also support importing Comoros Email List contacts via a txt file and many other text formats. In the future. the maximum import of contacts via Google Docs will also be possible. The basis of our work is constant communication with customers. We regularly analyze the effectiveness of our SMS campaigns . and over the years of receiving monthly feeback. we have gaine enough experience to give a few tips. following which you can maximize the efficiency of this direction to improve sales.

Country Email List

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The right base for SMS mailing is the basis for the effectiveness of this promotion method A very common question is where to get a base for BM Leads SMS mailing. Our answer is categorical the basis for the mailing should be your own. It should include people who have given their consent to receive messages on topics of interest to them. Bases that are sold on the Internet are completely ineffective for several reasons. base mailings Deception on the part of sellers base on the territorial affiliation of the base. Suppose you nee a base in Ulyanovsk.

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