April 4, 2023
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Useful reading Be sure to share your opinion about the books you read in the comments. Or advise something from your list. If you think that placing microdata on a website requires knowlege of HTML or contacting webmasters. then we hasten to please you. you can arrange microdata yourself using Googles service Google Tag Manager GTM. Content What is Google Tag Manager Micromarkup. why you nee it on the site Dictionaries and syntax Types of micromarking Adding microdata via Google Tag Manager Tips for working with GTM What is Google Tag Manager Google.

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Tag Manager is a tag management service that embes analytics and other thirdparty service codes into a website or application without making any changes to the website code. GTM helps install codes such as. Yandex Metrica. Google Analytics. AdWords retargeting tag. Pixel Facebook. liveinternet. Google maps. JSONLD micromarkup. Other site monitoring Turkey Email List services. Website micromarking. why you nee it Micro markup is a way of semantic markup of tags within a site. with the help of which search robots better understand and identify information on resource pages. Micromarking visually improves the site snippet in the search results. makes it informative and clickable. When a user sees a snippet with images. prices. ratings. or contacts. they are more likely to click on it.

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An example of a snippet with micromarkup of the main page An example of a snippet with micromarkup of the main page. picture Read also How to improve site behavioral factors and how they affect SEO Dictionaries and syntax Micromarkup consists of vocabulary and syntax. A set of types entities and properties that mark up specific information BM Leads on a page and pass data about it to search robots is calle a dictionary. To embe markup. use the syntax. Syntax is the way we can specify how to write dictionary elements on the page. Types of micromarking Schema Create by search engines Google. Bing and Yahoo and became the general standard for semantic markup. Thanks to her. they get an attractive snippet in the search results. open graph Markup create by Facebook.

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