March 21, 2023
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Here is an obvious problem of architecture namely in database administration which was ignore. In a good way this is the job of a project manager to study the transporte services find weaknesses and take them into account in the migration plan. Problems can lurk in communication channels network settings and the code itself some parts of the application can be hardcode. All this will come out at the most unnecessary moment. Is it obligatory to deal with the relocation of infrastructure. Migration can be carrie out independently but in some cases it is better to contact specialists.

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This is worth doing if The price of a mistake is too high downtime will seriously harm the business. Sometimes an expensive migration is cheaper than downtime. Not enough employees to move. If you have one system administrator who will work and stay up at night most likely he will make a mistake. You nee a third party view of the infrastructure. When Angola Email List you have been working with the system for a long time it is difficult to abstract. Third party specialists are more likely to see the problems that will come out during the move. At Selectel we start any work with an infrastructure audit this is done by the Manage Services team even if the client has describe it in detail.

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Employees lack the competencies or experience to migrate infrastructure on their own. Here I will make a reservation that some consider migration as their growth area. This is a really important experience for a system administrator but you nee to take into account all the risks. Perhaps you should first learn on test sites or under the guidance of specialists BM Leads observers or advisors. For this too you can come to us. Dont put your eggs in one basket is a basic diversification rule that is also relevant for IT infrastructure. There is fault tolerance for which the provider is responsible. It backs up network channels uninterruptible power supply DGU UPS etc. and server room air conditioning. Also fault tolerance can be built into a ready made service for example in Manage Kubernetes or cloud databases.

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