March 21, 2023
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How to limit a virtual machine by use CPUs. This question arose for us when we wante to make the cloud platform more flexible and reuce the cost of infrastructure for customers. The result is a line of Share Line virtual machines . These are cloud servers with a guarantee share of core performance they are rente by those who do not nee full CPU load. In the text I tell how we learne to cut the power of cloud servers into pieces.

It Is Important That In A Private Cloud

Why you nee to manage the performance of virtual machines There are a couple of scenarios where it will be useful to control the performance of virtual machines. We want to limit the available amount of resources A similar requirement may arise when it is necessary to be sure that the virtual machine does not require the entire available resource in Belarus Email List terms of CPU and RAM. In this case we are talking about a hard limit on the resources use. We want to prioritize processes With prioritization everything is more interesting since here we do not directly limit the virtual machine but only set its priority in the resource usage queue. Why is it for users Imagine a person who wants to deploy a virtual machine and host a pet project there.

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The Client Always Has Access To The Infrastructure

If the project is running on a home computer they still use Linux at home right. then there may not be enough resources for another pet project browser or Dota ice rink. And if you deploy such a project in the cloud then you would have to take a whole BM Leads processor for it. If no heavy loads are foreseen at the initial stage even the minimum virtual machine configuration may be reundant we will pay for idle resources. This is where the ability to create a virtual machine with a certain share of the kernel would come in handy. Will it be useful for organizations. Will definitely come in handy Consider a spherical company in a vacuum. Lets say she maintains her own or rents a cloud infrastructure from a provider.

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