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With the introduction of the new law On SMS. it has become more difficult to carry out such actions. To carry out these operations. a larger package of documents is require that will confirm that you are not engage in fraud. do not break the law. do not subscribe people to services that they do not want. and only after that it is possible to carry out such operations. Moreover. mobile operators charge a commission in the region of for each operation. Every month the situation with paid messages changes a lot and in order to get uptodate information about connecting this service.

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You nee to leave a request for our manager to contact you and provide uptodate information on the Paid SMS service. Many marketers. advertising directors ask this question. Most companies are winding down their marketing budget and completely Wallis and Futuna Islands Email List overhauling their strategy. Now everyone understands that it is necessary to save money and use only effective methods of advertising in the conditions of the economic crisis. And advertising must meet several criteria. It should be. a effective b its result must be measure c cheap to maintain. SMS messaging is ideal for all these parameters because SMS sending.

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The result can be measure. unlike most meia advertising services. radio. television. where you cannot calculate the cost of an attracte client. In SMS. this is easy to do. since message templating allows you to insert unique numbers and links. and you can BM Leads always see exactly how many people receive your message. how many calle you. and. base on this. calculate the cost of an attracte client. The effectiveness of SMS mailing can always be accurately calculate According to all tests in most niches. the price of an attracte client via SMS remains the most attractive. It is many times more interesting than the price of an attracte client in television. radio Internet advertising.

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