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The color scheme the selecte photos are not so important but it is important to ensure a convenient user interaction with the site. You should exhibit photos of your own equipment in the parking lot or during work this forms customer loyalty. All images must be of high quality under them you nee to write the characteristics and price of equipment. Be sure to include the following on the site Specify a unique selling proposition USP that will concisely show your advantage and key difference from competitors. The USP should answer the question of what the client will receive if he contacts you.

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On each page of the screen it is better to put a button for ordering equipment or a consultation so that it is easy for the user to complete the target action. The button should be visible. Simplify the order form. Now time is the most valuable resource take care Uganda Email List of your customers and keep the form as simple as possible. As a require field put only the phone number. Make a button for ordering a call from the site in seconds or an online chat so that a potential client can clarify the details as quickly as possible in a convenient way for him. If there are discounts promotions favorable conditions for wholesale all this must be shown.

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If you are making a catalog site if possible it is better to immeiately write the price order. The more a user knows about a product the faster they will make a purchase. A QUIZ form that allows the visitor to answer a few questions in order to receive an BM Leads individual offer from managers. Do not overload the site with advertising texts and popups this distracts from the order and can be annoying. Make sure that the menu and navigation are convenient the pages load quickly especially pay attention to pictures they are often uploade to the site without first being compresse in size and the user can easily find the necessary information and button.

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