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If necessary you can uncheck the box for maintaining proportions. Image Compression in FastStone Changing Image Options in. FastStone Perhaps the main disadvantage of Fast Stone is the likelihood of image quality deterioration. Therefore before changing anything click on the preview button. So you can see what the output will be and if necessary adjust the settings. Preview in FastStone Quick photo preview in FastStone How to batch change image names. Check the box next to Change name. The button with a question mark will prompt the decoding of the characters to be applie.

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Changing the filename in FastStone In practice you can get by with just two We write a common name for all the pictures and put a hash mark for their automatic numbering. For example name or name. Accordingly all photos will be assigne the following Qatar Email List names. When you nee to create a thumbnail image while keeping the original file make a preview in the name replacement field enter sm or thumb. Where the asterisk is the name of the source file. Before clicking the Start button do not forget to select the format and folder for the optimize files Output Format and Output Folder. Saving images in FastStone Screaming Frog Seo Spider This program will be useful for determining the weight of pictures already poste on the site.

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It can be viewe in the Images tab Size column. Find out the weight of a photo in Screaming Frog Screaming Frog will help you find the specific BM Leads page of the site where the image is locate in a few simple steps so that you can easily replace it after optimization. In the Address table click on the desire link. Select the Inlinks tab below. In the From field there will be a link to the page where the image is locate. You can open the page by clicking Open From in Browser. Find the location of an image in Screaming Frog Services pros and cons tinypng free Batch compression of images without quality loss.

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