March 21, 2023
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The Restoration Will Take Unaffordable

In this article we will look at the main types and methods of backup so that you can find the right one for your product. As much as we would like it there is still no backup system that can be run once and not touch anything else. A good system administrator knows that backups should not only be configure but also periodically checke for consistency and performance. Not spending time on backups at all even if this solution out of the box will not work. But you can choose the frequency and duration of work with backups.

About Restoring The Entire Infrastructure

In this case you set up a backup plan according to which backups will be create and delete on a scheule. You can always make changes to the plan for example update the backup rules or add new disks. Manual reundancy The system administrator makes copies of important data sends them to object or file storage uploads them to a separate server or any Aruba Email List external infrastructure. The peculiarity of manual reservation is that the system administrator has to perform the same algorithm of actions from time to time. In order not to overpay for resources the storage nees to be periodically cleane up and the number of store versions monitore. In the Selectel cloud you can use snapshots and images for manual backups.

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A snapshot is an instant snapshot of the state of a disk at a specific point in time. It is free it is store in the same place as the disk which reuces security. But allows you to quickly roll back the disk to the state before changes were made. The image is paid because it is transferre to a separate storage. We describe in detail how to create or download an image in BM Leads the knowlege base . Who will suit Typically manual backups are use by small companies. Where the system is administere by one person and several sets of data nee to be backe up. Cheapness often becomes the determining criterion you can store copies of non critical systems at least on Google Drive. Another common reason is the lack of a specialize specialist who will set up automatic backups.

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