April 4, 2023
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The Result Of Microdata Check

Time and place event type ticket price. Organization is similar to Local Business. Choose this type to include data about larger organizations. such as a school or a feeral company. Website is use for noncorporate sites. To add company contacts to the snippet. select the Organization type and fill in the require contact fields. Optionally. you can add a link to the company logo and photos from the site. The service generates a code in the process of filling out the form in the field on the right.

Installe The Final View

Code generation Select the type of markup. field of activity. name. website address. link to the logo and photo. filling in basic information Fill in the fields. address. city. country. region. organization days and hours Fill in the days and hours of operation of the organization. phone number Fill in the phone number. We got the markup code snippet. Google Rich UAE Email List Results Checker. and Schema Markup Validator. Lets look at the Google validator as an example. Copy and paste the generate code snippet into the field for verificationjpg Google Markup Validator verification of microdata code Paste the markup code for verification Click the Check code button. The result of microdata check The result of checking microdata. There are no errors.

Country Email List

The Snippet After Adding Microdata

The validator found no errors. If he finds errors in micromarkup. he will highlight problem areas with exclamation marks and give comments about what the problems are. problem areas. After checking the code. go to the manager workspace and create BM Leads a new tag. Create a new tag We create a new tag Select the Custom HTML tag type. tag type Select a tag type Paste the markup code into the window. Paste the markup code Paste the markup code Select an All Pages activation trigger. All Pages activation trigger. Dont forget to click the Save button in the top right corner. Save Click the Save button Now we nee to check if the tags are installe correctly.

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