March 21, 2023
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In this case the content of your website will have to travel further and the download spee of the site for the inhabitants of this country will increase. Therefore we recommend that you first monitor the providers network to find out where its CDN servers are locate. Regional restrictions Some organizations and even countries block domains and IP addresses of popular CDNs. In this case a certain percentage of the audience will not be able to access your site and you will lose some traffic. Therefore you should ask what solutions the provider can offer in this regard. Find out for example whether the provider has a pool of reserve IP addresses through which you can drive traffic without loss.

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In order for a CDN to work for the benefit of a site or service three conditions must be met Users must upload the same content. Frequently and massively visit resources if the resource is not very popular caching site data will not happen. Be in different locations if you get all the traffic from one geographic location CDN will be an extra line in the budget. Loss Western Sahara Email List of privacy When transferring files from your website through the infrastructure of another company you nee to be prepare for the fact that the confidentiality of the transferre data may be at risk. Therefore it is important that the CDN provider takes responsibility for securing content that is not intende for all users.

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What to look for a checklist for choosing a CDN provider These risks mean that you nee to choose your provider carefully. An approximate list of characteristics of a good provider It has a branche structure of border nodes in the regions that bring the most BM Leads traffic to the site. It has backup schemes for bypassing blocking by domain or IP address. Guarantees complete security of the transfer of valuable customer information. It has an impeccable track record that is it works for a long time and without complaints. Such a web service has a responsive support service and the client is confident that his site will be available to users.

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