April 3, 2023
Phone Number List

The Short Link Variable And Insert

Message texts. You can set several SMS texts in one mailing list. Texts will be distribute among recipients evenly. You can use variables in the text of the message. phone. first name. last name. patronymic. date of birth. randomization and endings th th all this data is taken from the uploade base of numbers for the service. Variables make the message personalize. it affects the opening of messages for reading and customer loyalty towards your company. The service offers the use of cascading messages. for example. after reaching the not delivere status.

A Tracker To Do This Creating

In this case. PSMS will automatically send SMS via another channel. For example. if the user did not receive a message in Viber. it will automatically be sent via SMS. This is mainly use for savings. because. via digital and Viber channels. messages are cheaper than alphabetic SMS. In addition. this way you can inform more customers. In creating a cascading Phone Number List mailing. it is possible to add variables. as well as set the time for sending repeate messages. The base of numbers can be adde as an XLS XLSX CSV file. entere manually or paste from the clipboard. In the mailing list creation window there are additional settings that will make the mailing list more flexible. you can set the mailing time and set a certain period of time when SMS will be sent. Before starting. you can use the analytics function to calculate costs.

Phone Number List

A Mailing List You Must Select

Newsletters in Viber In general. the process of creating a mailing via Viber repeats the algorithm for creating a mailing via SMS channel. Sending via Viber is possible only with the name of the sender. in the text of the message you can use variables for BM Leads personalization. an image. cascading messages we wrote about them above and clickable buttons that will reirect the recipient to a specific link or make an automatic call Next. you nee to download the database of numbers in the form of xls lsx and csv files. enter manually or paste from the clipboard. You can also scheule a mailing list and send SMS at a specific interval.

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