Therefore, the teaching staff

Must be trained to develop activities and pedagogical. Plans that can apply strategically designed methodologies that incorporate. The practices of recreational and educational activities in a dynamic. And diversified way. So that the teaching and learning processes. Are not neglected, due to the lack of resources and the preparation of appropriate techniques inherent to the topic, it is necessary that there is a joint effort among the teaching staff so that a concrete inclusive school environment, capable of adapting activities to the needs of students, and not the other way around. In this sense, it must be ensured that all students can be treated equally. Included and taught, respecting the differences and. Peculiarities of each student, which are developed by special students in a more intense and recurrent way, due to the difficulties faced throughout school processes that are not adequate to serve. These students (carneiro, 2012). In this context, playful teaching presents itself as.

A possible mechanism for

Minimizing these difficulties, given that. According to carneiro (2012), special ne students. Present psychomotor problems more frequently. Difficulties relatto orientation. Imbalance and confusion of thoughts, memory and reasoning problems. Psychological and emotional conflicts, insecurity and learning difficulties. There are Belarus Phone Number Database several categories whose improvement. Is associat with playful activities, among which the cognitive, motor, expressive. Interactive, social, physical, among others can be mention. Given that playful activities bring activities that promote the exploration and handling of objects. Collaborative practices with other students. Promotion of autonomy, the act of expressing oneself and relating one’s actions and reactions to social. Contexts and other individuals. However, the presence of problems in. Special or non-special students tends to impact the development of games. Which is why these must be led and monitor by the teacher, who must mention the intensity.

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Duration and frequency of

Carrying out such activities (fonseca , 1999). Garvey (1992) and. Fonseca (1999) teach that most of the skills and abilities. Of special children in playful activities are naturally develop. If the insertion of these practices begins from the first years of the child’s life. In this context, in cases Indonesia Phone Number List where they do not have contact with a. Certain dynamism of children’s activities and games, damage can be caus to their capacity in terms of exploration, control and interaction. Neto (2001) states that the oppression of playfulness in children with special needs implies the deprivation of something more significant than just playing. Therefore, the act of creating, playing. Interacting and socializing must be encouragin children, not just as patterns of behavior or forms of occupation. But as one of the main mechanisms of development and learning.

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