April 3, 2023
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Analytics of communities retarget audiences and applicationsinformation about the sociodemographic characteristics of the audience of a group/page or application. Additional functions There is a separate section of the service where all tasks for collecting audiences with results are store. It is possible to set up audience gathering parameters once and the service will independently. Update the database in the Vkontakte advertising account. Which will automate the routine and automatically replenish audiences. Saving found groups in separate lists in order to filter these groups merge with other communities or parse subscribers from them.

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The function of monitoring those who enter and leave the community the formation of separate lists from those who have entere and left. There is a separate section where you can buy already assemble databases which take a lot of time for targetologists Philippines Email List to search for. The service can independently select a suitable audience for advertising. Analytics of the studie audience according to various characteristics and the formation of a detaile report base on the results of the analysis. The service can automatically create new copies base on an already create ad dividing the audience into different segments for example by age and gender.

Country Email List

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Pros Audience parsing insocial networks VKontakte Instagram Odnoklassniki Facebook. Free trial period fordays for joining the official service group you can get free access for a month. Availability of video tutorials on working with the service. There is a free course on VKontakte targeting for beginners. Minuses Facebook options are not include BM Leads in any tariff but are purchase separately. Limite functionality for parsing in Odnoklassniki. Peppe rates Pepper ninja rates Website. pepper ninja Functional Group search by the following parametersmembers of several groups recently joine competitor groups. Filter groups and communities by name number of subscribers country city. Detaile information about the community and all activity in any section of the group.

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