April 4, 2023
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This also includes sms mailings business cards with contacts. a printe Instagram business card attache to a monitor in the checkout area. pasting mirrors and shop windows with a logo. and so on. PR Content Activities For Instagram These include. Question Poll. IGTV similar to YouTube. Stories. and Live. These methods perfectly increase the engagement of subscribers. as they themselves are magnets for comments. picture Read also How to promote Instagram on your own from scratch.

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Detaile instructions Guerrilla Marketing Through Viral Videos Viral or viral videos an opportunity to get the maximum number of reposts. likes and comments from subscribers. You just nee to create a creative funny or topical video. hook the subscriber with some interesting idea or give advice. In general. make video content that you want to tell your friends Somalia Email List about. Guerrilla Marketing Through Viral Videos Flashmob A nonstandard technique for increasing engagement is a flash mob. The essence of the method is to launch an activity that nees to be repeate by putting a certain hashtag. The creator of the flash mob reposts the best repetitions on his page. getting high ER.

Country Email List

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There are many examples of a flash mob. post a screenshot of your first site. stop in time and take a picture. shoot a parody of a famous clip. and so on. Flashmob Contest Competition is one of the most effective methods of increasing engagement. The BM Leads most popular type of competition is Subscription repost. Other options for competitions to increase ER. Contests for the most activity Subscribe. repost comment Comment Contest Most active subscriber and so on. Any of the contests implies an increase in activity in the account public. tagging your social networks and subscribing to them. Thus. you get new subscriberscommentators intereste in your product or services.

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