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Especially when mailing is carrie out with the letter of the senders name. So what does such agreement look like. And how to get it. Its not all that difficult. Consent is a questionnaire fille out by the subscriber in writing or electronically. containing the users personal data and information confirming his consent to receive notifications. Consent in writing Newsletter Consent It is best to obtain consent in writing at the first meeting with the client.

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Lets say he comes to your store and makes his first purchase. In this case. the seller may offer him to issue a discount card. To do this. the client will nee to fill out a questionnaire. which will become your consent. In order for everything to be official. it is Barbados Email List important that the questionnaire form contains the following elements. The official name and preferably your company logo Fields for specifying the clients personal data name. date of birth. phone number The line I consent to the processing of personal data and receiving SMS and a place for signature next to it A field for the clients signature and indication of the date of filling out the questionnaire.

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It is not necessary to ask the client for passport data. The list above is sufficient. Consent in electronic form legal sms mailing The electronic questionnaire must contain information similar to the written one. But. in the case of the Internet. there are BM Leads some differences that you nee to know. The user personally enters all personal data. indicating the full name in the full form The user puts a tick under the offer. confirming his consent to receive SMS and the processing of personal data If the second point is not fulfille.

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