March 22, 2023
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Limitations Performance depends on the volume of incoming information the number of metrics monitore as well as the time lag between writing new data and reading requests Database examples OpenTSDB Prometheus InfluxDB TimescaleB Combine bases This type of database combines SQL and NoSQL approaches to organizing data storage and processing. This class of databases includes NewSQL and multi model solutions. Lets consider them in more detail.

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NewSQL databases This type of storage solution seeks to provide a trade off between scalability and consistency while maintaining a relational approach. The term was propose in by Group analyst Matthew Aslet. He note the high nee for such systems for areas working with critical data healthcare FinTech etc. The characteristic features of these solutions Fiji Email List are the use of consensus algorithms Paxos algorithm Raft etc. sharding and sharpening for horizontal scaling. Peculiarities wide scalability high performance and data availability. Limitations High requirements for developers hardware resources. But if the product being develope is a highly loade system then the use of such a database makes sense.

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Examples of databases of this type MemSQL VoltDB Spanner etc. Multi model bases Such databases combine several approaches to data organization at the same time. This provides functional diversity when developing systems using them. Peculiarities BM Leads the ability to work with data store in different types of databases in one query without violating consistency Extensive scalability by easily integrating new database models into existing project infrastructure. An example of a solution of this type ArangoDB. Databases in Selectel In Selectel you can run ready made cloud databases we support such DBMS as PostgreSQL including for C Enterprise MySQL Reis TimescaleB.

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