March 22, 2023
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In addition the provider is responsible for the availability of the cluster. So in Selectel the smooth operation of the control plane is fixe by SLA. self deployment. It is possible to implement the fault tolerance of a self hoste system. But again this will require more administrator time and competencies and will also increase the check for infrastructure. You will nee to add backup sites additional virtual machines for nodes. Or take a more powerful server for bare metal.

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Customization Manage solution. In the case of a finishe product there are most often restrictions on accessibility to a number of elements and the ability to change systems for yourself. → So in Manage Kubernetes from Selectel there is no access to master nodes since the provider is fully responsible for the availability of the cluster. The client can freely Cayman Islands Email List manage clusters in the cloud from his laptop via kubectl by downloading kubeconfig. But having calle information about the cluster the admin will see only worker nodes in the list of nodes without masters. → Features may be impose by the platform chosen to implement the service. The provider associates Kubernetes with the selecte cloud and the restrictions that were in the cloud are inherite by the orchestration system.

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For example OpenStack which runs Manage Kubernetes imposes some restrictions on the use of network drives rewriting network routes on cluster nodes and working with network abstractions like load balancers. However a manage solution does BM Leads not tie hands and does not completely exclude customization. The necessary settings for yourself can be adde via kubelet or API. self deployment. In this case there is more freeom in configuring clusters and the underlying infrastructure including the network. Therefore self hoste companies are often chosen by companies that nee full infrastructure control or non trivial customization.

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