August 14, 2023
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The impact of employees’ life purpose on turnover Turnover is the number of employees who join in relation to the number of people who leave the company — therefore, this indicator is also call “staff turnover”. If the puzzle between turnover in companies and the individual purpose of the collaborating person still seems confusing, it is worth considering the direct relationship between resignations and the feeling of dissatisfaction.

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For some collaborators, the resignation happens, not only in search of better working conditions, but also because of the desire to find an activity that gives motivation, challenge and ambition every day. In addition, data shows that Somalia B2B List employees who live their purpose in their professional lives report 6.5 times more resilience. This behavioral skill has a direct impact on how the collaborating person reacts in stressful situations or under pressure. According to McKinsey & Company.

B2B Email List

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They are four times more likely to report better health, six times more likely to want to stay with their company, and one and a half BM Leads times more likely to go the extra mile to make their company successful.” new call to action Defining an authentic organizational purpose In strategic business planning, it is very common for organizations to use methodologies such as mission, vision and values ​​to translate their work activities. A company’s mission is the purpose for which it exists. The view is which status you want to reach in a given time.

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