April 3, 2023
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A young man calle our office last week with the following problem. His parrot flew away. He ran around looking for it for a long time. then hung leaflets on poles in neighboring streets. However. not a single call was receive during the day. Then. he decide to resort to an alternative search channel. How to use SMS to find a parrot The distribution have to be do quickly. According to the owner of the parrot. it had to be found in days. otherwise he would have simply starve to death. We quickly collecte a database of numbers living in the area where the bird was lost. of SMS were sent immeiately.

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The remaining half of the messages were delivere within the next day. The text of the message was. Message text For the purpose of efficiency. a digital sending channel was chosen. The text of the message was long and looke like a double message. In total messages were sent per day. The mailing cost was . rubles. The mailing was launche on Friday and. By Bahamas Email List agreement with the sender. It was planne to collect a new contact base in case the parrot was not foun. The whole office was worrie about the poor bird. Ekaterina. the manager leading this client. was pleasantly surprise when she answere his call on the afternoon of Saturday. The parrot was foun by a marrie couple living in a cottage village in that area.

Country Email List

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The woman went out into the garden and saw a parrot sitting down to peck at strawberries. She immeiately calle her husband. and he said that yesterday he receive an SMS with a text about the missing bird. The description of the parrot BM Leads fully corresponde to the appearance of the bird pecking at the berries in their garden. He was caugh and calle the owner. The happy owner of the parrot was please and thanke Ekaterina and our entire company for a long time for their help. Have you lost your dog. Or maybe a cat or a turtle. Dont wait. act Look for the lost with us.

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