March 21, 2023
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To Ensure That End Users Quickly

Self Deploying Firewall — There are open source solutions on the market that allow companies to independently implement basic protection at the network level. But this requires a qualifie administrator. Not all companies have such specialists and the out of the box solution becomes a good alternative. Even if the software itself is free the company will have to spend time and money on the selection of infrastructure. So you will nee to rent a server of the desire configuration and test its performance.

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In the case of the Selectel firewall this is already built into the service. Who is the Selectel Firewall for. To summarize who can benefit from the service → companies that nee basic infrastructure protection at the network level → those who want to find a solution independent of vendor licenses and not overpay for alternative out of the box solutions → to those who already rent the Selectel infrastructure and do not want to independently configure the ME Brazil Email List using open source solutions → companies that do not have time to deploy a firewall themselves so they want to get a ready to work firewall at the price of a deicate server. Who does not suit The solution will not work if → the company does not lease Selectel infrastructure → You nee a certifie information security tool.

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Regular Cleaning And Caching Is Necessary

Also at the current level of development the firewall will not be of interest if WAF is require and the spee is above Gb s. But in the future these options will be available. Firewall Use Cases Case . Traffic filtering blocking unwante applications The company BM Leads took the server for a web application. Uses a white IP address but the server is open to the entire internet. You cant just leave it like that there is a risk that attackers will discover the vulnerability they will put down the server take control over it use the power in botnets. Customers will either not be able to access the companys website or it will work very slowly which will affect user loyalty.

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