March 23, 2023
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When setting up we recommend that you take into account the following nuances. selection of requests for pizza delivery on Wordstat Requests should be selecte in several directions masks General food delivery food ordering food delivery home delivery restaurant or cafe with delivery etc. For products for example with pizza pizza delivery ordering pizza pizza at home pizzeria with delivery. By the name of the dish margarita four cheeses meat pepperoni etc. By competitors find local companies that provide delivery services and set up ad impressions by name and domain.

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It is advisable to create a separate campaign for each direction. We select on Wordstat from Yandex . Display strategies pizza delivery impressions on Search in Yandex Direct When displaye on Search hot visitors go to the site. Since a hungry person is often intereste in food delivery he will not choose where to order for a long time. But you should not neglect San Marino Email List impressions on YAN Yandex Advertising Network. Create separate campaigns for Search and YAN. If Search is focuse on sales here and now then the ad network is use as a trigger for the future. For example for ads on YAN sites provide a separate landing page where the visitor receives a nice bonus Discount coupon for the first order Dish as a gift when ordering in the amount of rubles Free dish when you install the application on the site.

Country Email List

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Thus with YAN it will also be possible to recruit a loyal audience which will be monetize in the future. By the same principle retargeting is set up for visitors BM Leads who were on the site and showe involvement that is they studie sections or product cards but did not place an order did not perform the targete action. Read more about YAN and SEARCH in the article CPC in Yandex Direct . ads explanations for the announcement in Yandex Direct For each ad include photos quick links and clarifications. It is advisable to select a photo for an ad either where the dish is shown or where people eat it. Show the consumer a picture that makes them salivate.

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