April 3, 2023
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This is quite a lot if you recalculate the price of an attracte client. then one client costs such microfinance organizations about rubles. which is extremely profitable. Services No. scoring of subscribers. What is its essence. This is no longer SMS. It may also be of interest to organizations that nee to check a person for the likelihood of any events. You set certain parameters for your client. Lets say you are a microcreit organization that issues loans to the population.

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Naturally you always have a risk that people will not repay the loan. Before you approve a loan. you nee to protect yourself from this risk as much as possible. Therefore. before issuing a loan. you check the subscriber according to certain parameters. how El Salvador Email List often he makes payments and where. the amount. whether there are people among his acquaintances who have not repaid loans. A number of useful services from QIWI for SMS That is. a number of parameters are checke using the QIWI system. this information is given to you. and on its basis you can make a more correct decision to issue a loan or not.

Country Email List

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Our organization has a direct contract with QIWI for all these services. and any of our clients can make a request. and we will also advise him. because we are QIWI certifie partners. and we will be able to launch advertising as soon as possible. The new law on BM Leads SMS advertising has affecte the throughput of operators. so the working conditions are changing. From November all mailings with a digital sender name are charge for sent SMS There will be no refund for undelivere SMS. Dont be discourage We have introduce many new measures to increase the percentage of delivery.

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